Friday, June 10, 2011

What's On Ur Mind..?

Ok, an hour before my broadband expired. Still got time, emm what to do..? Let play this game, oso found this in nana's blog. ( If u don't mind dear, thanks ) =) Here goes nothing..


Starting time : 8.20 pm

Name : munira mazlan

Brother(s) : nope, don't have one.
Eye Color : black
Shoe Size : 7 to 8
Hair : black
Piercing : both ears
What are you wearing right now : pajamas =)
Height : 162 cm
Where do you live : Penang
Favorite Number : err.. 1  =P 
Favorite Drink : Honey green tea, lemonade 
Favorite Month : February, december
Favorite Breakfast : milk, bread, nasi lemak..nyumnyum..


Broken a bone : Nope

Been in a police car : Nope

Fallen for a friend : Yeah, of course
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : Yeah, yeah
Swam in the ocean : I can't swim!
Fallen asleep in school : Yup, especially when it chemistry class!
Broken someone's heart : Emm, I guess yes.
Cried when someone died : I hardly cry.
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Yeah, million times!
Save e-mails : Nope.
Been cheated on : Huh..T_T


Your room look like : Clothes everywhere.

What is right beside you : A big teddy bear 

What is the last thing you ate : Laksa =)


Who did you last yell at : Adik

Who was the last person you danced with : Err...

Who last made you smile : Him.. =)


What are you listening to right now : When it all falls apart - The Veronicas

What did you do today : On9, eating, text messaging, sleeping..

Are you the oldest : nope
Indoors or outdoors : Outdoor


Talk to someone you like : my family.

Kiss anyone : my family, again.

Sing : Everytime ( though I sound like froggy )
Talk to your ex : NO!!!
Miss someone : Hmm, him. ( did he miss me too...? )
Eat : for sure la


You talked to on the phone : My sister

Made you cry : My sister 
You went to the mall with : My girlfriends
Who cheered you up : them ;)


Been to Mexico : nope

Been to USA : nope, I wish


Have a crush on someone : Yeah, like right now.
What books are you reading right now : Memoirs of a geisha
Best feeling in the world : eating a dark chocolate ( Kenny g songs on the background )
Future kids name : I have no idea

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal : nope
What's under your bed : Emm, dust..?
Favorite sport(s) : Emm..dunno. I just play everything.
Favorite place : Err..hommie
Who do you really hate : No idea.
Do you have a job : nope at this moment
What time is it now : 8.45 pm

p/s : i'm so bored,...T_T

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