Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lawak Medik

Hari yang sungguh membosankan + sunyi. Rasa macam nak marah orang aja.
Tapi nak try jadi cool. Tarik nafas dalam-dalam...fuhhhhhhh....
Ok then grab my book. Nak hilang kan stress dengan membaca.
 Situasi cam sekarang ni bagus sangat kalau baca something yang dapat buatkan kita bergelak.
 So ambil buku tittle " Just Joking With Medics " by Suzee Leong
 Sebenarnya dah khatam pun buku ni tapi nak jugak baca lagi sebab best and memang funny sangat.
 So nak share lah sikit antara kisah dalam buku ni. 
 Enjoy it! I'll makes u laugh your lung out!

Lighting Up
" You've got to give up smoking immediately, " said the doctor to his patient. " When you feel like having a cigarette, try having a bar of chocolate instead. "
     Two weeks later, the patient was back.
     " How's it going?" asked the doctor.
     " Badly, " he said. " I can't get those bars of chocolate light up." 

No Wish To Alarm
Doctor : What seems to be the problem?
Patient : I swallowed a clock last week.
Doctor : Good grief! Why didn't you come earlier to see me? 
patient : I didn't want to alarm anyone.

Doctor : stick your tongue out and say 'Ahhh!'
Patient : Ahhh!
Doctor : Well, your tongue looks all right but why the postage stamp?
Patient : So that's where I left it!
Second Best
A lady with a pain in her side went to see a doctor. After she was told she had appendicitis and must have an operation, she decided to get a second opinion.
    When the second doctor told her she had heart trouble, she replied, " I'm going back to the first doctor. I'd rather have appendicitis. "

Shaking Hands
Patient : Doctor, my hands won't stop shaking.
Doctor : Tell me, do you drink a lot of water?
Patient : No, I spill most of it.

Take a Walk
Doctor : You should take a walk every morning on an empty stomach. 
Patient : Whose?

Three Tablespoonfuls
Doctor : Take three tablespoonfuls of this medicine a day.
Patient : Oh dear, I'll have to borrow another tablespoon. I've only 2 at home.

Ironing Twice 
Doctor : How did you get such third degree burns on both ears?
Patient : I was ironing when the phone rang, and I picked up the iron instead of the phone.
Doctor : Well, how did the other ear get burned?
Patient : They called back!

Doctor : I regret to tell you that you have a brain tumour. 
Mr Bean : Yessss!! (jumps with joy)
Doctor : Did you understand what I just told you?
Mr Bean : Yes, of course. Do you think I'm dumb?
Doctor : Then why are you so happy?
Mr Bean : Because that proves that I have a brain!

Screwdriver, Hammer and Chisel
A doctor came to a house to examine a very sick boy. After a while, he came out of the boy's room and asked the boy's father for a screwdriver. The father did this and the doctor went back to the room. 
  A little while later, the doctor came out and asked for a hammer. The father fetched a hammer and the doctor returned to the room. A few minutes later, he was out again asking for a chisel.
  " Good heavens, " exclaimed the father, " what's the matter with my son?" 
        " I don't know yet, " said the doctor. " Wait till I get to open my medicine bag first! "

Wheelchair Regulation
The hospital regulations required a wheelchair for patients being discharged. A student nurse found an elderly gentleman already dressed and sitting on the bed with a suitcase at his feet. He insisted that he didn't need any help to leave the hospital.
    After the nurse explained about rules being rules, he reluctantly let her wheel him to the elevator. 
   On the way down, the nurse asked, " Is your wife meeting you down there? "
   " I don't know, " he said. " She's still upstairs in the bathroom changing out of her hospital gown. "

Powerful Pill
A man complained to a doctor that his wife has lost interest in having sex with him. He pleaded with the doctor for help and the doctor finally gave him some tablets. 
    " Put one of these in her drink before going to bed, " he said. " But make sure it's only one, they're powerful. "
    " The man returned home and that night he dropped a pill into his wife's cocoa. He added a second one for ' good luck ', then felt worried over the doctor's warning of using ' only one '. To ease his conscience, he decided to put one in his cocoa as well. 
    A little while later, they retired to bed. As the pill began to work, then the wife turned to him and said, " Ooh, I need a man! " 
    " Me too! " replied the husband.

p/s : haha, funny kan? buku ni ada banyak lagi cerita yang kelakar tahap dewa tapi perlu fikir dulu sbelum dapat ketawa. Thumbs up!

Monday, March 28, 2011

sindrom lepas exam

Haritu sembang pasal pressure masa tengah exam.
Now pressure masa lepas exam pulak.
Yup, lepas exam pun masih ada pressure lagi.
Pressure nak mengeluarkan or melepaskan pressure yang lama.
Rasa sangat pressure dengan pressure yang sedia ada.
Haa best solution is.....
maraton filem
Hehe, gejala yang sungguh tak sihat.
( you should try it, it works man! )

Lepas habis aja last paper, 
haa balik bilik + tukar baju + put on some make up + nice cloths =  Taraa, I'm ready to go rite now!
( background music: John Legend feat Andre 3000 )

Alamak hujan pulak. tak pe payung kan ada.

( pinjam payung minhalena sebenarnya! )

Then, off we go to kota bharu,-again. I mean like nak pergi mana lagi kan, situ aje yang ada kat kelantan ni. Yah, again and again KB n KB selama 3tahun!
Malas nak cakap banyak here are some off our moments of the day.
Check it out!

Kami nak keluar guna payung. For the first time ni. Tapi still nak maintain keayuaan walaupun hujan. Still standing. (brylcream) ! haha 
Mimi cantik ok, Maysaa pujaan hati! 

Ladies ku.. Gaya suma tak nak kalah. Teringat kak Imah cakap tengok aje kitorang terus dia terasa macam dok kat Padang Besar, Perlis. Katanya siamese kat sana dress up macam kitorang. Ceyh, melampaw. Haha.. 

Kami berkongsi di bawah satu payung yang sama. ;) 

We love fitting room. Ni lah keja kami, bawa aje baju pape pon, then terus snap, and snap!  

 mata tu mahal! lentik you..

Haa then I've end up buying this shades. haha I know very maskulin and sangat Faizal Tahir, tapi sangat cool kan. Yah ROCK BEBEH!
 Then, kitorang terjumpa satu angle side yang agak cun untuk bergambar so apa lagi snap bebeh and snap. 
Itu lah aktiviti kami, So be the judge!

 and here's are some of my shoot..
For your eyes only
( yah saya sangat poyo! sorry I can't help it. haha )

Dan muka puas hati kami sambil buat iklan colgate! haha 
Actually tak banyak benda pun yang dibeli. 
Yang lain-lain beli baju, seluar n saya beli lipstick baru, Simply Siti. Cantik jugak warna gold+peach nude.
Hehe, overall its just about getting out of the college compound. Herr best sangat memang lah release suma stress yang ada and its all about friends, spending precious moments. Yup kami selalu together ke mana saja. Even makan malam nasi goreng aje pun sekali.
hopefully, our friendship last till the end of time sampai ke akhirat sana. 

p/s: Balik kolej macam nak tercabut kaki! Terbaek lah!

Asid Gaster Terlebih Sudah!

Bila exam menjelang masing-masing menguncikan diri dalam bilik, sampai tak nak keluar makan langsung
Siap berjaga sampai ke malam nanti pagi pulak, semata-mata nak cover semua topik-topik yang masuk exam
Besok nya buka aje paper exam, alahai soalan yang keluar unexpected sedikit sangat!
Aduh, pressure nya sampai sakit perut.
Peningkatan penghasilan jus gaster asid hidroklorik!
Haha, pagi tu punya ketar nya nak jawab exam sampai sakit epigastrik, perghh mencucuk-cucuk siap simptom sebijik sebotoi macam kena Duodenal Ulcer.
Gila kentang tak pernah rasa sakit macam tu sekali, sakit epigastrik menjalar ke belakang macam kena tumbuk dengan Mike Tyson lagi. 
Muka jangan cakap lah dah biru dah, seram sejuk, berpeluh-peluh.
Mahu tak mahu kenma jawab jugak lah exam dalam kesakitan tu. 
Nanti kang fail haa sapa nak jawab tu?
Then sebelum masuk dewan exam lari p bilik dulu telan painkiller Tramadol terus. Haa amek kau! powerful.
Eley sakit lagi bertambah-tambah.
Memang dia menggila aritu.

Emm dah nama pun perempuan kan.
Tak lari dari air mata. Perempuan memang selalu tanggung kesakitan, paling dasyat sakit nak bersalin lah. Dats y, sebahagian dosa-dosa kecil perempuan diampunkan dengan kesakitan bersalin.
Haa, cuba letak lelaki di tempat perempuan, habis kuat acu try period pain tengok, mahu nya menangis jugak kaum lelaki ni. Pernah terbaca yang ada research dibuat yang kaum perempuan ni lebih kuat daya tahan sakit dibandingkan dengan kaum lelaki. Huhu, conclusion nya perempuan lebih kuat on mentally side. Don't you think so?
Anyhow, oleh sebab tak tahan sangat sakit tu, apalagi masuk bilik, hempaskan diri atas katil haa mengerang meleleh lar..Sampai tertido lah. tapi alhamdulillah bangun aje dah tak sakit dah. so duodenal ulcer tu mengarut aje lah! Dah stress sangat kan mesti lah banyak asid dalam perut.

Then, exam diteruskan macam biasa and no more pain.
Lesson of the day, be cool no need to stressed out too much.
Otherwise, you'll end up coiling up yourself on the bed like me la..!

p/s: Tramadol sucks!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Kisah Nebulizer

Alkisah bermula semasa dalam wad.
Musim praktikal. Sibuk bagai nak gila. 
Time rileks nya rileks sangat sampai wad lengang tak ada patient sampai terlentok-lentok sambil berdiri.
Kalau sibuk sangat memang tak menang tangan lah sampai makan tak sempat, nak ke toilet lagi lah langsung terlupa. 
( macam pantun pulak dah! )

Review balik. 
Ok sebelum ni masuk obstetrik, memang setiap hari hadap ibu mengandung, post natal, baby.
Memang cute + sebak tengok pengorbanan ibu bersalin. Sangat teruk tu, bersabung nyawa.
Terus teringat dekat mak kat umah.

Hmm anyhow,
Nak dijadikan cerita masa dalam wad pediatrik ( kanak-kanak ) terjadi satu kejadian ni.
Kelmarin lepas.
Hari yang sangat sibuk, dengan new admission yang masuk bertali arus nye ( metafora tu! ) kitorang pulak sangat kelam kabut berlari ke sana sini.
Haha kelakar tau macam kartun dah kalau ingat balik, kalut sangat.
Yelah bayangkan dengan extension, suara budak-budak nangis kalau slow tak pe jugak ni haa terpekik terlolong, adoi laa. 
Then dengan doktor-doktor lagi buat round, yang staff nurse jangan cakap laa, sikit-sikit 
" adik amek BP, adik new admission, adik amek tu, adik amek ni, adik ni pergi sini, adik pergi sana...etc, etc.." 
Aii dia ingat kita ni ada tangan sepuluh ke?
hmm ok fine tak pa tak kisah lah kan. 

Ok then, handle new admission.
Nak bagi orientasi lah then amek suma vital signs dia, then marilah doc. Check pi mai pi mai.
Then doc suruh bagi nebulizer. 
Apasal blur sangat saya masa tu. Tak faham dengan order doc tu. 
Tetiba aja rasa macam doc tu cakap bahasa asing. Macam bercakap dengan aliens. 
Saya dok suruh doc ulang 
" apa doc?"
Haa kan dah melenting doc tu. Aduh, serabut lah, ma saya tak blur dengan suasana yang bising dengan teriak budak-budak + bunyi mesin hape tah + hypo tak makan satu habuk pun lagi + kencing pun tak sempat!
Aduh memang tahu tu salah kita kan ok fine saya ngaku memang agak lembap lambat pick up sikit masa tu. 
Rasa bersalah pulak sebab kita as a student nurse mestilah kena cepat bertindak kan.
Kalau ikutkan rasa malu sebab kena tegur tu memang malu, sumpah malu sangat tau macam nak nyorok dalam toilet tapi pa nak buat, terpaksa buat kering aja lah.

So lepas dah faham pa doc tu nak terus lari g amek. Sampai aje terus doc tu wat lawak hape tah kononnye nak tebus hal tadi lah kononnye.
Tak kisah in fact saya mintak maaf sebab being too slow.
" maaf la doc tadi saya lembap sikit tak faham order doc"
Then doc tu senyum n said 
" its ok"
Then dia pun explain lah sikit pasal order dia tadi.
Yah saya tak kisah menyatakan rasa maaf sebab kita dalam proses belajar ni kena selalu mengakui kesilapan kita. Tak boleh berlagak pandai berlagak sombong. Howyeh!

Then teruskan kerja macam biasa.
And theres one time masa tengah bagi neb kat pt yang sama, datang lah se'group' housemen baru.
Doc yang tadi tu tengah pantau diorang ni. Saya buat aja lah keja macam biasa, then doc tu pun tanya soalan pasal neb kat diorang tu and diorang tak dapat jawab, so doc tu pun tanya saya.
Hah apa lagi kita tahu kan so kita jawab aja lah. Lagipun sebelum tu kan doc tu da explain kat kita.
So ber ' oooo' lah housemen-housemen tu.
Yes rasa macam dapat cover balik rasa malu yang tadi tu..

Basically, its been a hell of a week.
Seriously macam-macam jadi. 
What so ever lah. 
Teruskan ja.
Exam pun lagi just around the corner aja, lepas ni I've to burn my midenite oil lah!

p/s: " Little Knowledge Is Dangerous." -said by someone


Hospital =  Ward, Practical,
College = Study, books, Tutors
Pregnant women = Babies, BSE, Breast feeding,
English Nite = Sketch, Role play, Musical theater, Lemon Tree,

Time Is Running Out!!!

Aiyokk..Banyak nye keje..Hmm tak sempat nak update blog ni. Gosh..mati keras ar.. Bukan takat tu aja nuu haa buku atas meja mintak dibaca tu. Siap berhabuk habuk debu satu inci. Huu nampak sangat pemalas.
Pointer pulak kena upgrade ni..tak boleh jadi ni.. Aduh..
Buku oh buku..
Angau lagi ni, haa sapa nak jawab ni. Banyak betol benda nak buat ni..
Aiyokk, hai sudah-sudah bawa-bawa la baca buku tu, takat berleter kat sini sampai besok pon tak berjalan kejenya. Hehe..

p/s: yang bab angau tu, actually angau kan baby..huhu not my baby, baby dalam wad daa.. =P

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quit Playing Games With My Heart

Saya sayang awak
Reaksi bila dengar statement macam tu;
setengah akan over the rainbow, setengah akan suka; setengah akan menyampah,; dan bagai lagi lah
The point is 
statement tu dikeluarkan oleh sapa?
orang yang kita suka atau yang kita tak kenal?
Kalau yang kita kenal plus kita sememangnya all this while syok admire gila kat dia, mestilah rasa hepi gila macam nak terjun bangunan an?
Tapi kalau yang kita tak kenal, mesti lah kita was was sangsi macam eh dia ni biar betik? tetiba tangkap cin dengan kita, macam apa hal kan?

Ada jugak sesetengah manusia ni berniat lain,
macam ala; " Gua saja ja nak test power ayat kat awek tu, nak tengok ar dia layan ke tak.
Kalau awek tu layan memang durian runtuh ar gua, kalau tak layan, apa gua kisah bukan rugi apa pun. Tu semua gua saja invest, kot lah dapat untung an. "
Perghh, jahat gila. Sanggup main-main perasaan orang. Tak fikir langsung baik buruk perbuatan dia tu.
Kalau dapat lah orang macam ni, mahu nya aku lempang laju-laju.

Bukan apa, kot iye pun ko suka kat awek tu, 
1st: Get to know her
2nd: Be friend with her
3rd: Be her good friend
4frh: Get close with her
5fth: Win her hearth
6th: Confess your feelings
Haa, senang aje. Piece of cake man!
Kalau awek tu follow aje, makna nya ada peluang lah. 
Kalau dah ko buat semua tu tapi still dia buat derk aje, so take a hike lah.
Easy cheesy

So tolong lah guna cara yang gentleman kalau nak ayat awek. 
U can't simply says " saya sayang awak " 
U don't know her feeling man, so stop messing with her heart.
I've been there, its do hurt my feeling.
Especially orang tu kita expect dia memang suka tangkap cin dengan kita, tapi sebenarnya dia just main-main nak test power lah kononnya at first. Walhal, kita dah tangkap lentok.
Rasa macam orang bodoh aje kan?
Haha, but still I feel its kinda funny though. I'm the fool, how on earth I've fell in love like that way??
Yah, I can't answer that 'till now. 

What so ever lah.
Things had happended. We can't change a thing now.
For me, Just don't look behind. Keep on walking ahead. Life gotta move on. 
In fact, there's tons of fish out there.
Haha just get ready to sail your boat! 

Girl, beware.
Theres too many imposters out there.
Watch your back and your bags ( =P )

p/s: saya sayang awak jugak! pffttt

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brainwash 2Jam

" Bangun...."
" Alaa, nak tido ni " 
" Jom lah "
" Nak p mana pagi-pagi ni? Ngantok lah "
" Jom lah teman mak jap. "
" Mana? "
" Pi sekolah "
" ....??? "

Ok, pagi-pagi lagi mak dah kejut kan. Dah laa semalam tido lewat sebab layan late nite movie kat YouTube.
Aisey.. Tapi kesian kat mak tak dak geng. Kena p sekolah pulak sebab program straight A's PMR adik.
Tak pe. Sekali sekala mengorbankan masa tido, kalau tidak pakai bangun jam berapa tah la jawabnye.

Ok lepas siap, terus p sekolah. Sampai je majlis mula. Cikgu pulak kita kenal dia just dia je tak kenal kita. Macam nak tegur aje, " cikgu..saya kenal cikgu. Alaa kan tahun lepas saya p raya kat rumah cikgu.." Hehe tapi segan lah, dia busy sangat tu. 

Cikgu pun mula lah memulakan bicara nya dengan confident sekali. Saya dengan mak memang semangat gile duduk paling depan sekali. Perghh, walau pun begitu mengantuk, tapi ku tahan jugak! Sebab nak menunjukkan PUBLIC RESPECT kat majlis tu.

Teringat pulak kat lagu Blah..Blah..nyanyian Keysha.
Kemudian cikgu da cakap tentang hala tuju selepas PMR. Target kalau 9A ( including Arab ) boleh masuk MCKK ke, MRSM ke, KISAS ke, SMKA ke.. Lepas SPM pulak hala tuju mesti lah Uni. Macam biasa lah peratusan 90% akademik dan 10% kokurukulum. And the best part is, pelajaran utama tu lah kalau matapelajaran utama bagi aliran sains of course mat mod, mat tam, fizik, kimia, bio.
Saya dulu ambil sains. Minat gila semua subjek tu tapi BENCI GILA MATHS... Arghh I hate numbers!
Result pun yang lain excellent just maths je cukup-cukup makan. Grrr... 
( Haha mengenang kembali benda yang dah lepas) 

Bercakap pasal Uni, memang impian semua orang kan. Tapi tak semua bernasib baik untuk masuk U ni.
Kalau bukan pasal result, mesti da masalah lain, macam kewangan atau masalah peribadi.
Yeah honestly I'm one of them. Tak ada rezeki. Tapi memang frust menonggeng sangat-sangat bila kita tak diterima oleh Uni tempatan ni. Yup, result bagus tapi sekali lagi tak ada rezeki. Emm..Tapi saya diterima masuk ke kolej nursing Kementerian Kesihatan M'sia ni. Yeah..Hanya yang terpilih saja yang akan dapat peluang ni taw?! As the saying goes; " setiap yang berlaku da hikmahnya. "
Saya akan menjadi seorang perawat selepas ni. Yup, mungkin inilah yang terbaik bagi diriku. Allah telah menetapkan aku di sini mesti kerana Dia tahu aku terbaik dalam bidang ni.
Positive thinking man!

Taapi still diri ni memberontak sangat nak merasa life as a university student. Aduh.. I'm still young and life as a Uni student must be great! Kan?
But no sweat, no worries. Bidang Nursing ni boleh bawa sampai tahap post basic, ijazah, master or even PHD man..! Haa jangan main-main kau.. Yeah..Semangat baru datang semula berkobar-kobar,

Tipu lah kalau cakap kita tak jeles tengok membe-membe lain masuk U ni. Herr, terbakar rasa. Tak pe there's always tomorrow and there's always be a second chance. Yang best nya tadi cikgu ada mention pasal sorang membe saya ni, siap masukkan gambar dalam slideshow dowh...! Mestilah, best student and now dia study dekat University Of Queensland, Australia. Dapat biasiswa JPA pulak tu. Herrr lagi terbakar rasa. Envy gila wa cakap lu.! Tapi yeah I must admit he deserved it. Credit to MOHD AKMAL AZHAR. Hehe membe sepermainan kot, lepas ni main dengan kanggaro lah hang Aman oi...

The point is, majlis tu banyak memberi manfaat dan tetiba pulak rasa macam student SPM pulak. Huhu..Yup rasa bersemangat semula nak belajar. Yes dekat kolej memang belajar tapi tak rasa sangat semangat tu ada macam student sekolah. So lepas kena brainwash tu terus rasa tersentap and semangat datang untuk belajar dan belajar tanpa mengenal erti jemu tak kira lah berapa umur kita and walau di mana kita berada.
Yes, that the spirit. Howyeh!

p/s: teringat dekat teacher farilah, sir tawfet, cikgu azlina, cikgu zul, cikgu mat, teacher auw, dan banyak lagi cikgu lain. U guys are great! Credit to cikgu-cikgu SMKPTL. Lots of love! XOXO

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Orang Nak Merisik!

Masyarakat Melayu memang kaya dengan adat istiadat. 
Dari A sampai ke Z.
Sebut saja; adat dari bayi mula dilahirkan sampai lah nak kahwin, nak bersalin, nak berpantang, and so many more yang boleh diingati. 
Macam adat nak berkahwin, kita tak boleh simply terjun kahwin terus; mesti dimulakan dengan orang merisik, bertunang, akad nikah, then kahwin and bersanding.

Haha sangat kelakar kalau cakap tentang kahwin ni. Bukan apa teringat tentang satu kejadian ni.
Terjadi pada diri saya sendiri. Ada orang nak merisik!
Yah, it so funny. Saya ni baru umur setahun jagung, hingus pun tak kering lagi.
Dah ada orang nak merisik buat jadi teman hidup dia.
Aiyokk, geli lah.
Bayangkan saya tak kenal pun sapa orang tu, tetiba je nak datang meminang.
Ish tak nak lah. 
Lagipun baru umur setahun jagung. Masak pun tak lepas lagi taw.
Kepada orang tu, saya minta maaf sangat saya tak bersedia lagi, in fact tak terfikir lagi pasal menda-menda sangkut tentang kahwin ni.
We can still be friend. Yup not more than that.
Harap sangat dia faham nak tak fikir yang bukan-bukan lah. Peace ye..!

Bercakap tentang hal ni lagi teringat jgak da satu kejadian ni lah, tapi jadi dekat akak saya.
Tentang hal merisik bagai ni lah.
Masa tu kitorang p kenduri kahwin kat kampung di Kedah.
Then, sedara jauh mak terjatuh hati kat akak saya yang sulung tu and mula lah proses merisik ni. 
Sama jugak cam kes saya, mak menolak dengan cara elok sebab mak fikir yang anak-anak dia ni bukan anak  gadis macam dulu yang akan tunggu kat rumah, sampai da orang masuk meminang dan terus kahwin.
In fact, akak dah ada bf dia sendiri. Kejam sangat kot kalau mak senang-senang je nak kahwin kan dia dengan laki yang dia tak kenal kan..?
So mak pun slowtalk, reject dengan cara yang baik
Tapi entah la manusia kan, tak nak faham situasi orang.
Diorang pun kecik ati. Tak nak contact mak dah.
Aisey man...
Aish, ada jugak orang macam  ni lagi noh..??
Macam budak-budak pulak kalau fikirkan balik. Sepatutnya diorang kena faham yang orang tak kan simply terima terus tanpa fikir hujung pangkal.
So kesian jugak kat mak sebab diorang tu dah tak nak tegur mak. Tapi mak cakap;
 " Tak pe, biar je kat depa tu. Depa tu macam tak taw, anak dara sekarang bukan macam nak dara dulu. Biarlah. Mak tak rugi pape pon. "
Yes! Suka semangat dan cara mak berfikir. Kalau lah mak ni macam watak dalam filem P.Ramlee tu yang Ibu Mertuaku, aiyaa mati lah kami semua anak dara pak lan ni.

Mungkin mak dapat berfikir baik buruknya sebab perkahwinan mak ngan abah pun sebab dijodohkan oleh keluarga jugak. 
Tapi, syukur alhamdulillah keluarga mak bahagia sampai lah sekarang ni haaa.
So kesimpulannya, kita manusia hanya mampu merancang dan Tuhan jugak lah yang akan menentu kan segalanya. 
Yes, kita wanita zaman moden perlu berdikari dalam kehidupan, kerjaya dan perkahwinan.
Cari lah jodoh yang kita sukai dengan mengambil kira latar belakang lelaki tu dulu, kerjaya dia samaada dia boleh sara family kita ke tak, kita tak demand nak kahwin ngan anak raja tapi please fikir dengan cinta saja tak mencukupi untuk bawa ke alam keluarga nanti.
Plus, make sure jodoh kita direstui oleh ibu dan bapa.
Itu lah yang paling penting taw..

Saya pulak soal bab-bab kahwin ni tak terfikir lagi pun. Buat masa sekarang nak belajar, kerja, beli kereta, and bahagia kan parents dulu sebab nanti bila dah kahwin, husband comes first kan.
Aiyaa..kenapa lah asyik sembang sal kahwin-kahwin ni.
Geli ar....

p/s: sijil kursus kahwin dalam fail tu dah ada..hehe

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life Sucks..?? WTF

Ever feels like you wanna have something so bad? 
So bad that you willing to do anything 'till you get it?

I dream 'bout it. I wanna it. Really. So bad! 
But dream on laa.. You'll never get it dear. Who would've help me then?
I guess no one. Nobody can help me except myself. 

Hate this feeling! I'm hoping that 'she' would've help me because she's the one I can rely on.
I mean like who else. But as I said, no one can help me. 
I feel like I wanna explode right now. 

I will not giving up easily. I'm a one strong girl. Hell yeah!
I'll do anything 'till I finally get it.
No matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes.
I can't rely on anyone anymore. 
It's okay, one day I might get it. 
Dear, I'm not like the others
Just make a wish, snap their finger, taraa...
Hell no I'm not like that.
I've been taught to be independent ever since I was small.
You want it, then find it yourself laa.
I've gone through difficulties, sadness, madness, happiness.
Seriously, you wouldn't want to be in my shoes.
I may look calm and emotionless outside.
But deep inside me, I'm an ice queen.
Yes, that is who I am.
Experiences have made my skin thick, much more stronger. 

Stop grumbling 'bout your life to me. I hate it!
Really, you don't know anything 'bout life, so enough saying life sucks!
 I'm not trying to say " AKU NI BAGOS"
Please laa.. I'm just a girl who happens to experienced and have tasted the sweetness and bitterness of life.
That's it.
Now, I just like to shut up, and put my money where my mouth is.
And of course laa use one when I need  to 'lecture' people who having problems regarding their 'sucks life'
You know what..
The truth is you guys sucks!
Hate it?
Well don't blame me, truth does hurt man.

p/s: Arghhh...


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