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Malam Kebudayaan India 2012


Pardon me.. :P 
Having flu and fever.
Fever Hindustani, ahaha!
Well, last night me and frens joined a event, " Malam Kebudayaan India 2012, " at USM Kubang Kerian, Kampus Kesihatan.
It was a total blast! The show was great, superb perfomances by the Indian Cultural Society.
I was informed that this event had been held for the past 14 years! And this was my 1st time to join in this such event, it was great for me and personally getting to know more about their cultures gives at least a bit of useful knowledge.

Ok lets cut the crap. Enough me talks talks about me, lets jump into the show and see what its all about. Haha
Ok the theme for the show was " Colours  in Chorus; A Rangoli Repertoire ", nice, ay? :)

Rangoli is a folk art from India. These are decorative designs made on floors of living rooms and courtyards during Hindu festivals and are meant as sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities. *picture from Google.Images*
The Rangoli made on that night was great but sadly, I have no time and by the time we arrived, the show was about to begin, aish rugi rugi..

Then the show start, the MCs and VVIPs gave some warm welcome speech. Eh wait, I'm going to express my wow-ness feeling 1st, the minute we arrived, we was speechless. You see all the colours, decorations, the peoples, bunch of Indians were all dressed up cantik cantik, macam Hindustan I tell you. The saris, the jewelries, the bling bling, the girls-hot mamisita!, then the guys-well hello there handsome!, ahaha, emm I'm wondering how come aa on that night I finally realise that those Indian guys are actually handsome? Haha..
Feel like wanna say " Hi there, can I ask for your phone number..? " *haha, joking, joking!*

Actually, we felt so tiny tiny, wearing biasa-biasa aje, me just wore  a punjabi suits, tu pun pinjam Piraivadivu punye, hehe thanks Pirai btw. :) 

But nah, its okay, bukan nak sambut kitorang pun kan, we're just 'penyeri majlis', acewah, kononnye laa.. hehe
So lets posing again, being cam-whore is fun! Please have yourself a big bucket besides you, just to be prepare before you throw up. Ahaha!

Again, we were a bit late due to several 'technical problems', so can't make time to take more photos laa at the event, sayang laa because all the decorations, wallpapers, backdrops, props, statues, the curtains, the peoples, were all great. 
Nevertheless, we do enjoy the shows, its all worth the RM10 for the ticket. You see, its cheap la, no need to go to Dewan Budaya dah. Hehe

The show, it started off with the VVIPs given the honor to light up the Indian oil lamp, to symbolised the event was about to start and the honor to the Hindus culture.
We were entertained by the 1st performance, " Bharatham ", a classical dance from the South Indian State of Tamil Nadu, practiced predominantly in modern times by women is actually accompanied by classical Carnatic music. I found that this type of dance are difficult were one must move their feet, body, head, including hand gesture according to the rhythm, its started off very soft then bangg they all went 'crazy' in the music and dance. Haha

Then we got to replenished ourself with Nasi Kandar Khaleel, it was delicious but sadly I cant finish it due to dysphagia, having sore throat and stuffs. Rugi, rugi.. So I just ate this some kind of sweets, the doorgifts we got, it taste like milk, sweet, and its so soft, Lalita told me its something name Po..Po..what, I cant remember the name.. :P

The 2nd perfomance was " Fusion Dance", a fushion of four Indian traditional dances including the light dance, Silambattam (weapon-based), Mayilattam (peacock dance) and Kolattam (an ancient art perfomed with 2 sticks). This was great you see like we the Malays we got this Silat, bermain keris, lembing and etc, but  Indians also got this interesting martial arts defence. Its interesting and quite a nerve wracking seeing the weapons and moves.

Then we were entertained by with " Folk Dance ", also know as the village dance, this dance has always been a ccrowd pleaser as it potrays Indian music and dance at its best. It was fast paced music and quick footwork, our eyes were feasted upon colours and dances that pack a punch! haha. Remember the "Estet" film by Mamat Khalid? Remember how Farid Kamil and the heroin dance in the rubber estate? Haa, thats the closest example of Folk Dance. :)

Ahaha..Good stuffs.. Amma!

Then also this Theatre entittled, " Janckin Jack ", this story depicts the importance of knowing the past history. A teacher narrates the story of a cruel British Resident in the 1950s. It about a poor village boy Muthu, and his family comes across various obstacles and challenges to further his studies and become a successful lawyer. The show gave some importance values for the viewers such as the importance to always stand together to find peace, works hard and be courages to achieved the dream. As the saying goes, 'united we stand, divided we fall', right people.? :)

There were "Modern Dance", with the concept of bridging the old and the new, keep a look-out to some familiar songs from the West such as Party Rock Anthem_LMFAO, where you see all the dancers were shuffling on the stage, it was damn cool man, the crowd when crazy, the hall was up to the beat. *excluding we the Muslim, we just clapping and stuffs, mine your manners, ehehe* 
Plus, we got blasted away with some new age music, the songs from latest Hindustan Films, where got this dance, moves and others, I must admit that the dancers were working so hard on the stage, they were energetic, non-stop, ass-kicking man!

"..Everyday I'm shuffling.."
Cool, ay?! 
I was informed by the crews that they've been practicing for the past two months, despite their busy schedule and lecture classes, most of them are Medical students, they manages their time well, and produce an energetic perfomances. With that, I take my hats off. :)

The events was intersperse with the lucky draw session, the prizes were all up to grab, 'cause it's sponsored by many company such as Nokia handphones, Swiss Watches, furnitures, foods and beverages, treats packages, etc. As usual lah, I end up with none, guess I'm not the lucky one. Haha

The show was proceed with " Stand Up Comedy ", we were all laughed aour lungs out and have this six- packs abs after listening to the Sunil, the rising stand -up comedian, he was joking about many nowadays issues such as Facebook, Indian Films, etc. He was so funny and cute tho. Ahaha!

And finally the last perfomance, that the crowd been waiting for, the " Bhangra ", where you'll hear dhol music and can feel your your feet tapping, then get ready laa for the fiff-oriented popular music associated with the Punjabi culture guaranteed makes you want to get out of your chair, fuhh luckly there's glue on the top of our chair, otherwise we'll end up Bhangra-bhangraing laa that night. :P
The show ended at past 12midnight, we were all tired, I was having  fever on that night, surprisingly when the show begins, I dunno where its goes, then the minute I arrived at the hostel I got this chills, rigors, backache and plus plus, take PCM then dozed off. Thanked God I'm okay during the show and its not worsen.

So that's it the full report of the show, fun, ay?
I'm still dazzled by the show. The colours, I'll never forget that, gonna click on the SAVE button on the hippocampus, the temporal lobes, so that the memories will not be erase and stay in place. Oh, this is the first and the last show I guess, 'cause its the last year my stay in Kelantan. Oww.. 
Gonna miss the show. 

p/s: Amma! :D

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