Friday, November 1, 2013


Assalamualaikum whbt..
Q: How was your life now, dear?
A: Been working 8-5
Q: Happy?
A: Overall, yes.
Q: How's work?
A: Err..nothing much.
Q: Meaning..?
A: Hmm..jobless.
Q: Expand.
A: Wakes up at 6.30, goes to work at 7.15, stop at makcik stall buys nasi lemak, arrived at workplace, doing some inventory, 10 am having my nasi lemak,
chatting bla bla bla, eat again, bla bla bla, user trainings, bla bla bla, went back at 5, short nap, watching tv, cook, eat, sleep.
And it went, on and on and on and everydays for the past 2 months...YES, 2 months.
I am living a sedentary lifestyle right now.

I really think I need to change.
You know, my face is surrounded by pimples, oily skins, bad body posture, I didn't workout, I didn't eat clean food,  I notice that I didn't smile much now, I am skinny tho I eat tons of nasi lemak every single day, my skin is getting drier, I didn't drinks plain water now only Lalita's tea, my urine is dark yellow tea colored, I didn't pee much, I notice that I've become too sensitive emotionally, I didn't put on any make up, I look pale, tired, and not attractive at all and..and..and..........


p/s: EPIC

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