Sunday, August 28, 2011

" It's love, not Santa Claus "

Just finished watching 500Days of  Summers.
( thanks awak :) )
Emm, sikit review pasal filem ni..
~ Just from my personal side point of view. ~
Its a story about how a boy meets a girl.
Yah, kita berjumpa, kita berkenalan, kita jatuh cinta, kita jatuh sayang, kita putus, kita patah hati, but then kita bangun semula.
Tho' it takes strength to forget, and it takes another kind of strength to remember.
Kita happy dengan orang yang menghappykan hari-hari kita, but it doesnt mean yang dia adalah untuk kita, like wise, 'just cause some cute girl/guy likes the same bizzaro crap you do, that doesn't make her/him your soulmate.
Keep on searching, don't look back, to what had happen yesterday.
Those days has gone.
You just have to move on, tho' you keep thinking 'bout him/her, your memories.
Nah..thats all in the past.
It wont change a thing.
In this film, the guy lost his way when the girl dump him, just like that.
He can't barely breathe without her, the one that used to make his day means a lot.
After a while, he then realise that he has to move on, forget about her,..all the pasts.
In the meantime, proceed his life.
Then, he'll find another one.
" there is a lot of fish in the sea "
That what he believes.
Then the 'thing' happen, again.
" coincidence..thats all anything ever is..nothing more than coincidence.. "

Haha..saya dah melepasi fasa itu, sekarang fasa 'coincidence'
I'm enjoying my self right now.
thanks to you.
You made my days, tho its all just a one BIG coincidence at first.
" hey, nice music selection tho.."
You noe theres time where you feel so down, and world just all against you, you don't know where to turn to, to hear your heart speaks..
And you've been there for me, listen to my heart, giving moral support..tho we've just met, just known each other, just a friend.. all I can do is thank you..
Terima kasih awak..

p/s : " if you stumble, make it part of your dance "

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