Monday, January 16, 2012

Flight Of Ideas


At this very moment, first; I can’t sleep, second; I got this so many things and ideas going on my mind.
Let me tell you how was my day, well today was a quite wake up call for me and those students.
Ok, its now official. I’ve become YDP MBIL untuk our group, this year I mean.  Minggu lepas after penyerahan tugas, still feels ok lagi macam takde menda lah sangat.
Well actually I was wrong, there’s a lot of stuff I have to deal and manage with.
Ok, rileks, tarik nafas..
Macam hari ni, its has become my new duty untuk menegur pelajar2 kolej ni dari segala aspek, terutamanya mengenai rules and regulation that students have to abide to.
Saya malas sangat nak ikut macam senior2 lepas, selalu nak mengangkat status SENIORITI. Macam bagus sangat padahal diri sendiri berjalan tak betul which is actually I’m pointing this to myself laa.
So I end up giving them a “Takzikah Petang Bersama Akak Moon.”
Haha yah it turned out to be a tazkirah,. Lectured by me. :P
I’m taking my time pot-peting,..bla..bla..bla..
About kolej, asrama, manners, girl stuffs, rules, and most important is the usage of cellphone in college’s compound from 8-5pm which is strictly prohibited by our college administration.
Yeah, its true, we can’t use our phone during the office hour in college.
Excluding our room during recess period.
The point is, juniors you guys must obey to this so-called rules because we the seniors have been abiding it ever since we first stepped in.
 I got so fired up when I saw  this one girl with  ‘selamba badaknya’ using cellphone talking to anonymous during the office hour in college’s compound in front of us the seniors..!
Well you do have some guts to do it in public, huh girl.
Nevertheless, its so important for us including myself to give respect to others in order to gain back the respect.
If you just can’t respect yourself, please do think about others. Those who the ‘skema’ one which tak pernah langgar peraturan, because you know what, its become a tradition whereby ‘sorang buat salah, semua kena’ or you can also say ‘sorang berak, satu kelas berbau’ ok sorry if its too kasar. 
But that’s the truth, rules will always be rules. 
You can’t change it.

Next agenda please! 
Just now,  we had a meeting with ahli jawatankuasa tertinggi MBIL, regarding the farewell party for Sem6 our super seniors which will be on May, 2012. InsyaAllah.
Ok we’ve discussed about the themes that we have to list it down for our Pengarah Kolej to choose.
We’ve short-listed the themes to 5, which are;

1)      Back To The Root ( Gadis Melayu-Tradisional concept)
2)      Arabian Aladdin Night ( Desert Middle East style )
3)      Vintage chic ( Country English style )
4)      Beyond The Hidden ( Masquerade Lady )
5)      Pancar Aurora ( Colours Show )

I personally love the Arabian theme. So do the others board member, because it ‘ lawa-wallah’..! :D
But lets leave it to Puan Pengarah, the juries will decide. Hoho
So we got problems, as usual.
Regarding budgets and the venue.
Budget, emm lets not talk about it here, but the venue is THE MAJOR DISASTER if we can’t find the solution ASAP.
Its actually regarding rules and regulations *again, here in Kelantan The Land of Serambi Mekah!
Do you know that it takes a lot of procedures if we want to throw a dinner party which comprises open stage perfomances and involving men in it..?
You  have to get the license kebenaran and pengesahan from  Majlis Agama Islam Kelantan, Majlis Perbandaran Kota Bharu and bermacam-macam majlis lagi.
Emm, yah we can ask and send a proposal as what they want according to the procedures, but I’m so confident 110% that it’ll be rejected as before for certain concrete reasons.
Still, we’ll send the proposal later, and just hoping and praying that it’ll be DILULUSKAN.
*crossing my fingers

Ok now I’m developing this psychiatric symptoms, Flight Of Ideas.
Which scared me, if you notice thank you. *berleter keseorangan
I got this so many ideas, it all in the same time. Everything just running into my head right now.
And I can’t sleep though I’ve already drank a glass of warm milk, its FernLeaf Full Crème by the way :P
Hey tomorrow got lots of things to do.
Meeting again, and stuffs.
By the way, juniors please don’t hate me for what I’ve said during the roll-call session. Its our duty to “ saling ingat-mengingati dan saling berpesan-pesan sesama Muslim, khususnya.. J
So, ok I’ll try to sleep now.
Wish me luck peeps.
Selamat Malam semua!

p/s: " Ya Allah, Permudahkan segala urusanku di dunia dan akhirat. Bimbinglah aku dalam melakukan keputusan yang terbaik bagi diriku, duniaku, agamaku, serta akhiratku, Amin."

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