Friday, January 13, 2012

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue..


Well its 2012.
Its a cloudy, and breezy day here in Kota Bharu. I love being here. 2 years in Kelantan, had taught me many new things. I got the chance to see 'different side of the world'. 
Yah, Kelantan is different. The people and the culture. 
You may like living here but also you may not like it. It depends on people.
I remember last time I spoke to my teacher back in high school. He said, 

" Muni its Ok to go and study there ( Kelantan ) but to settle down, maybe no. That's my advice to you. Think about it. " 

Honestly, I don't get the point why he told me that. ?? 
Whatever it is, "di mana bumi dipijak, di situ langit dijungjung." Right.
The fact that I love being here is, the 'Keislaman' that Kelantan possess .
Thats the main reason.
Its not about the non-urban thing or the 'sifat terlalu kenegerian' that matters. It their culture, let it be. Its non of my business.
Nevertheless, I'm so glad and thankful to Allah SWT  I'm still alive at this very moment.
Still breathes the fresh air, feast by  the great creation, warmth by the sun, and walks in this great land.
Alhamdulillah O Allah.!
 Its a new dawn of hope and life.

O Allah,
" Blessed me with Your guidance, simplify my affairs in this world and Hereafter. Guide me to be a righteous Muslim, and give success to thy blessed. "

:) here are some of the pictures me and friends in our new colour. 
Its RED..!!

Macam Red Warriors tak..? 
*ahaha perasan
So this is the final year, wuhoooo!!
One step closer to become an adult. Hehe
So lets pray this year will be a year that fill with lots of love and memories, sweet one I hope. 

p/s : Dear 2012, please be nice to me. 

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